March 2014

March was a month when IB discovered Feijoa's and liked them so much she even eats the skin (actually she does that with a lot of fruit, crazy kid). And of course IB was still carrying handbags everywhere. IB also began to walk by herself, there was no going back.

 IB also loves icecream, or "I Keam" as its now pronounced, usually while standing beside the freezer with a charming twinkle in her eye.

Finding wee chairs and places to sit is a favourite activity with IB. She loves to find a seat and read a book to herself.

The longest lashes! 
EV had her mate BH over for an after school playdate. There was some spontaneous ninja action after I improvised some masks.

 March is also Poppop's birthday and EV drew a gorgeous card with some fabulous portraits.

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