Monkey See...

EV has taken to occasionally feeding her "babies". On this day she was even using my feeding pillow. I think she has a queue of babies waiting their turn.


Sharing your new baby with friends is such fun. IB has had lots of visitors but I don't always remember to photograph them. Here is T and I meeting IB for the first time and Aunty Lav with IB at the Pt Erin Pool on Anniversary weekend.


Dada's Girls.

 EV likes to say there are 3 girls and 1 boy now. I think the boy likes hanging with his girls.

EV is always wanting to kiss and hug IB, I'm not sure its always enjoyed by IB

This weekend we did take IB for her first visit to the Beer House. The first of many visits I'm sure.

EV has been there many many times. Here she is in September 2009, nearly one year old.

Maths is Cool.

EV and our lovely next door neighbours were playing with some chalk in the carpark. Evidently 'Maths is cool' in our hood.



I can't get enough of this smile. That's why we call her Chuckles.


Gran's Garden.

We visited Great Gran last week and EV was wearing a lovely floral dress which inspired us to take some photos in Gran's garden full of flowers.

It reminded me of the last time I photographed EV and Gran picking flowers (November 2010).


Double Trouble.

 Double the trouble and definitely double the fun.


60 Years of Marriage.

On January 17th it was the girls' Great Grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. IB had her first visit with her Great Grandparents. Our visit was a surprise during their celebration lunch.

Happy Anniversary Nana and Grandad!


Xmas was so long ago!

It's only taken me a month to get back on the computer! So while I'm here I thought I had better post some Xmas photos and round up our holiday season before Easter is upon us

EV requested a crown from old Saint Nick, and was rewarded with 3 lovely crowns. Why have one crown when you can have three?! Especially when they are likely to get thrashed and broken pretty quickly. So far I have only had one crown repair session.

EV spent the day wearing either her Tinkerbell costume or her pink fairy outfit, with a crown of course. She loves the boogie board Santa gave her. I really like the present she made me (see below), a chocolate box with pieces of paper in it "for making things".

 EV always wins at pulling crackers, she has the knack of holding them. She did wonder what the moustache was until I demonstrated how to wear it. I think they are actually a subtle torture instrument for the unwary.

IB spent most of the day asleep. But here she is wearing the xmas present hat EV gave her. And I couldn't help but do a comparison with a photo I took of EV when she was the same age.

The girls got showered with gifts when Neenee and Poppop visited on Boxing day. Thank you to all the Aunties and Uncles who sent all of those fabulous prezzies. 

And lastly a photo of the ginger glow of IB's hair. I can't get enough of that glow.... I wonder how long it will stay?