Secret Santa at Work.

To NeeNee, please pretend to be surprised when ( or should I say if) you get this prezzie for Xmas....

EV has been watching me embroider some panels for a quilt and she often helps me by adding a few stitches. Then she announced that she wanted to make her own embroidery for NeeNee. So we found a hoop and EV set to work.

It's a Xmas tree and Santa. EV chose to stitch in white (a copy of some of the monochromatic work I have been doing) but she has since swapped to using red for Santa. Which is far more interesting.

The progress is slow but very methodical. I'm actually impressed with how well she can stitch to her lines and how focused she is when working on it. With any luck it might be finished by Xmas. Unless it gets stitched to the couch again.

Back to the previous topic of "lovehearts", it was "Loveheart" Your Mountain Day for Mt Eden on Sunday, so we decided to go for a wander up the mountain. (I think I was vainly hoping that the walk might encourage the baby to arrive, but here I am still waiting for the baby to arrive). EV and dada were a bit faster than me. It was a stunning day.

Its so close to Xmas, and the photo below is from this afternoon at preschool. EV is about to have a candy cane to celebrate the end of year dance performance. EV loves dancing and was fantastic even when her dance partner had stage fright, the show went on.


Love Heart Baby

While we are patiently waiting for our baby to arrive EV made a card for me and the baby. It includes this cute picture of a "Loveheart Baby", with a heart for a head. Kawaii!

 And life goes on as usual, including swimming lessons...

 and a visit with Neenee and Poppop at "the farm".

tick tock.......