A Tiger came to a Birthday Tea.

It was Pop Pop's birthday yesterday. EV and I made a birthday cake and took it to him for morning tea. When we got there Pop Pop had a tiger with him, a tiger that could be EV's new friend. We think she was a bit overwhelmed by meeting this tiger at first, but she soon made friends and was practically inseparable from him all day. When she ate dinner the tiger sat beside her chair. When she went to bed he slept on the end with his own blanket to keep him warm.


The tiger even joined us for the birthday tea. EV helped Pop Pop blow out the candles while Mr Tiger watched.

Happy Birthday Pop Pop! Thank you for the lovely Tiger!


Robot Moves.

I did a little trial with EV yesterday. Basically I have been thinking about improving the photos of the t-shirts I want to sell (thanks to the pow wow girls critique), and I wanted to see if EV would mind being my model. Well, lets just say EV was super keen. So keen, it scared me a little. She started off with some strong poses like this...


But by the end she was giving it her robot moves. Dada and I both secretly love EV's robot impersonations.


Happy St Patricks Day.

EV had an exciting day at pre-school today, celebrating St Patricks Day (which is tomorrow). She came home with the sticker on her cheek and apparently had green scones with Marmite for afternoon tea. I might have to try making some green scones tomorrow..
Hope you have a fun St Pats day tomorrow. The 'friendliest' day of the year apparently.



EV asked the other week if I would teach her to write properly. We have been writing letters for ages, randomly on the back of things or pretty much every time I had a pen in my hand EV wanted to add her bit. So far she has been happy enough with doodling E's on things but I think she actually wants to have a bit more effort put into it.
What she actually said to me was "I can't write properly (and you need to visualize a petted lip as she says this). I want you to teach me how to write numbers (she means letters), I'm not very good". I was sad that she felt she wasn't good at writing, that's a burden when you are 3 I'm sure, but I assured her we would start to take it more seriously if that's what she wants. So we started with the register at pre-school. The kids have a laminated card to sign in when they arrive in the morning and EV usually doodles something. This is where we have started with the letter E. (the middle E on Thursday is my example for EV to copy).

I like it when she gets carried away and adds extra lines to her E's.
Here is another example she did on my shopping list.

On the weekend EV had a fever and threw up a couple of times. She's a funny kid when she's feverish. Despite having a high fever she has a fantastic sense of humour and a winning smile which is kind of reassuring when you are worrying about the fever and wiping up vomit. On Sunday we took it easy, even though she was over the fever and the sickness we hunkered down while it rained outside and we started a new (very early) Easter project, an Easter egg chain decoration.

I will post photos of the completed project when we are finished, or when we have run out of glitter, which ever comes first!


A Little Yellow Flower.

EV picked this flower at the park on Tuesday. As we walked home EV talked to me about it.
"I want to take this flower home and put it in a vase." "I like this yellow flower, I like this little yellow flower it keeps the dark out. It's nice because it keeps the dark out. It's yellow like the sun and the sun keeps the dark out. Because it's yellow like the light. I like this flower. Mama, what is this flower?"
"It's a Dandelion"


The life cycle of a Caterpillar.

EV gave us a little demonstration on the life cycle of a caterpillar yesterday morning. In her own words she said she was a "callapitter that grew into a butterfly".

our beautiful butterfly
Speaking of bugs, we have a gorgeous new book called Two Little Bugs by Mark and Rowan Sommerset  We love it. Chomp Chomp Chew! Are you a blue bug or a red bug?


School Day.

This week it's all about socks. I wanted to get a photo of EV before she left for school because her choice of clothes looked so interesting. But the cheeky monkey ran off.

She wanted to wear a this skirt so everyone could see the sticking plaster on her knee. EV didn't actually hurt herself, only grazed her knee while sweeping the garden at school yesterday. Sounds like they are employing child labour to tidy up the playground.