Little Dude.

August was a good month especially because we had a visit from Little Dude and Aunty Sarah. They were visiting from Sydney and wanted to meet IB. So we asked them to stay at our house for a couple of nights. While the kids played Aunty Sarah and I caught up and the time went way too fast!
 Just before they left Sarah took this photo of the kids together. Little Dude loves the ladies.
 On the last day we all went on the bus to collect EV from pre-school. We had so much fun but their visit was too short! I guess we will just have to visit them in Sydney again, maybe we will soon.


Pinata preparations.

EV is so psyched for her impending 5th Birthday Party that I have had to come up with activities to fill in the time between now and the party day. Seen as we had 2 months I figured that was heaps of time in which EV could make a pinata. EV wanted to know how we made one so I suggested we google it and we watched some interesting videos until we decided to try the balloon and party hat method. Its ok but needed some tweaking. However EV did manage to make most of it. I ended up doing the sticking on of the fringing as she was over it by then. Now we just have to wait until we can bash it at the party... only 35 or so days to wait....


 While we made the pinata IB entertained herself with a balloon. Everyone had fun!


Happy Daddys' Day

It was Fathers Day in NZ last Sunday, and as our Dada jokes that he lives at Sparkling Pink Unicorn Palace what could be more fitting than a gift with a pink unicorn on it!

EV wasn't sure Dada liked pink but she liked the unicorn and thought he would too. She drew a horse on the wrapping paper. IB took it all in her stride. EV wanted to know who the guy on the unicorn was so we played California Love by Tupac for her and she was like "OK, but what is on his head?" Dada said it was a scarf thingy and EV said she was happy because she had thought it was donkey ears.

We did keep to tradition and took Dada to the Beer House. Nice to keep the tradition.

 Below is EV with Dada on his first Fathers Day at the Beer House.

Happy Fathers Day Dada, from your girls at Sparkling Pink Unicorn Palace. x