Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing all our Family and Friends a very happy holiday season and we will see you in 2014. x


Where has all the time gone?

Its safe to say that with Xmas and IB's first birthday looming I feel like this year has flown by at supersonic speed. It is only 2 weeks until IB turns One. Its incredible how much happens in the space of the first year of a childs life. While IB develops her skills (shuffling around on her bum and getting into mischief) and language (calling almost everyone except mama by their name) EV is getting on with the important business of going to school.

We scooter to school with our neighbour almost everyday. The day in the photo must have been a hard day as bunny was taken to school that morning. I think this was about the beginning of her 5th week and she was utterly exhausted but refused to take a day off. Luckily EV is loving school with everything she has got and school loves her. She has made friends all over the place and is a regular social butterfly, as well as thriving on the learning and coming home everyday with new skills or knowledge. Last weeks favourite being counting to 199. Not 200 but 199. She has amassed a collection friendship bracelets which festoon her wrists and ankles like Xmas tree decorations. The other week we were talking about how she is finding school and I wanted to know if she was tired and she said that she loves it but it is tiring. She said she thought that school would be fun but didn't realize there would be so many things that they have to do, all of the time!

 I think her proudest achievement to date is getting two certificates for her efforts, one from her teacher and another from the Principal.

In the rush towards Xmas we have been trying to catch up with friends and loved ones including the girls' Great Gran.
I have been making gifts and IB is dragged around on my errands, including a visit to my favourite Art Supply Store, Studio Art Supplies in Grey Lynn. Its an amazing store and IB was enthralled by it all.
 Dada has visited Wellington for work a couple of times and EV got a treat of lolly disguises for being such a super kid while he was away. She modeled them for me with alot of enthusiasm. The moustache one cracks me up.

IB continues to try to eat anything she can, and has become the household Noonoo Monster number 2.

Things are going to be rather hectic around here as we get ready to celebrate the holidays with family. Hopefully the holidays give us all a chance to relax and I'm hanging out for that! Bring it on!