Happy Birthday Great Gran!

We went to visit Great Gran yesterday because its her birthday today!
Happy Birthday Great Granny, 
love EV, xx

 EV took this photo of Gran and Gus the Moose.


Welcome back.

It's been a very busy month! So many new things to share with you too!
And now that mama has finished her mad art escapade she promises to update you with our latest adventures.... very soon..... promise.


The Budding Photographer

Its probably inevitable that EV might get interested in photography or taking photos as I usually have a camera pointed in her direction. Lately she has been trying to 'borrow' a camera any opportunity she can get. Today at a wee friends birthday party she commandeered the Vtech kids camera and that reminded me to post these photos EV took in Nee Nee's studio. I think EV has taken some good photos, and some really awful up close ones of me which have been erased. Here are a few of my favourites.

Self Portraits.

This one reminds me of Francesca Woodman's work (tongue in cheek of course).