Eat your heart out new baby!

We welcomed a baby girl into our family on the 16th of December at an early hour of the morning. Its been a busy old time since then with minding our new wee girl and the all too sudden appearance of Christmas and then New Year. Now IB is 3 weeks old and I have finally got a few minutes to sit at the computer and reflect on the whirlwind our lives have been in the past few weeks.

Here is the first time EV met IB. I think it was love at first sight. IB was 3.23kg and has blue eyes and a ginger halo of hair. EV has been amazing with her and is always first to help change her nappies and choose her clothes.

 As much as we are enjoying our new addition to the family I think EV is dying for IB to be more interactive so she can read books to her and play with her.

 In bed with my two bed bugs.

EV keeps saying that there are now 3 girls and one boy. I think dada is fully aware he is surrounded by girls, but I think he's pretty happy about it. I will get around to posting about our Christmas soon. But for now there is a baby to feed!