Playing at Pakiri

We all went to stay at Pakiri for a couple of nights last weekend. Our friends had invited us to go up and hang out with them, and we didn't need much persuading. It was rather windy though and the sun didn't really shine till our last morning, but it didn't stop us from having a good time.

EV made it to the top of the dune with a bit of help from Dada, she picked some flowers and slid down again.

Making sand angels, although if I recall correctly EV called them sand Santas. That Santa is a topical person in our household.

EV on the Pakiri dunes when she was about 4 months old.


Vitamin D.

EV still loves her scissors. We have had 3 'reports' from her pre-school and 2 of them mention how much EV likes to use the scissors. I often look longingly at the little paintings lined up on the drying rack and wish I would find one in her schoolbag when we get home. What I actually find is a lot of cut up pieces of paper. Here is a little sample of the many pieces of paper pinned to our noticeboard.
What fascinates me is how she often uses sellotape to put them back together after she cuts them up.
In addition to the paper cutting she has been attempting to draw people. The other day she drew my attention, "look at the face! I drew a face Mama!"

I like the addition of stick on googley eyes in the eye circles. I whisked this one away before it got cut.
But I was a bit too late to save this gem from a cutting with the pinking scissors. This time I was the one who taped it up. The first humanoid drawing! And he got cut right in half!

The back of it is interesting too.

Apologies if I seem overly interested in EV's drawings. I can't help it, it's the artist in me.


Nosey Toesy.

EV has a new talent! She discovered that she can balance a 10 cent piece on her nose.

Such a serious talent for one so young. If you don't believe me call NeeNee, she saw it too. EV even walked around with it balanced on there. But it does not stop there, because she then managed to balance it on her toes.

 Ta Dah!


Lazy Sunday.

We have had a very lazy Sunday. EV and I decided to finally take a photo of her in the blue dress she was given for her Birthday by Great Gran and Grandpop. There was some serious twirling around then some smouldering close ups followed by some skirt swishing and finally some reclining poses. After viewing them EV declared "we need more busy", so some more twirling shots to finish. Frankly I thought her idea of more action was a good call. Just what I need another critic, however I am grateful she let me wipe her snotty nose before we started, I'm not sure my photoshop skill extends to removing snot.


Morning Tea

Aunty Seedsy left EV a lovely cupcake last night and she just had it for her morning tea. Lucky Girl! I need the recipe please!


Here comes Xmas, Here comes Summer.

The sense that Xmas is looming on the horizon has been hitting me lately. Not helped by EV asking everyday if Xmas is tomorrow? She has been learning about Xmas at pre-school and comes home with little bits of information including telling me that she is going to ask Santa for a Hula Hoop. I'm looking forward to decorating the house with her this year.

With Xmas comes summer in these parts, and we have had some very hot sunny days lately. The humidity is the one aspect of summer that makes me weary. It also makes EV's hair go into fantastic ringlets. I tried to take a good shot of the ringlets but EV was not having it so this is the best I could do, but you get the idea.



Exercise is one of EV's current interests. Every night after her bath she insists we do jumps for exercise. I have no idea why she does this, other than its probably a great distraction from going to bed. She insists we bend our knees first, then bounce up. That was the inspiration for today's photo.


Dia de los Muertos.

This year I decided to create an installation for Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican festival called Day of the Dead. While I was working on some images of Elvis for an altar, EV wanted to join in too. She even made me print out a picture of Elvis for her, she was not content to work on the usual pictures of Totoro or Ponyo. I really love drawing with EV because I love drawing so much, and I was quite impressed with her work.

Working on my installation involved painting my face like a Mexican sugar skull. EV came to see me installing the work and she apparently said "Mama's so silly". But afterwards she wanted her face painted like a sugar skull too, but we settled on a pussycat.


Strawberry Girl

Since we planted our strawberry plants EV has been eyeing them up and waiting for them to turn red so she can eat them. The first one ripened and EV demolished it. Now we watch and wait for the next ones.

Bakers in the Kitchen.

I forgot to add this photo Dada took of EV and me baking her birthday cake. EV is really helpful in the kitchen, but you have to keep an eye on her or she will lick the bowl clean before you have even cooked anything. 

Heres a wee photo of the new summer sandals EV has, they are a bit big though, maybe its my wishful thinking her feet might actually grow as they are really very little for her age. Of course when we bought the sandals EV wore them non stop, hence the photo of sandals and stockings. I do love these Saltwater Sandals, I already have a blue and red pair so EV has yellow to be different. Sad but true.


Turning Three.

What does EV want for her 3rd birthday? Scissors.

testing out the new scissors.

Lucky girl got some lovely presents, another train, a watch (thanks Aunty J and Uncle D, Erin and Ewan), a Dr Seuss quilt from neenee, and more!

The party was a small affair as quite a few friends were away or unwell. I think everyone had a nice time and pass the parcel was fun. Satoko took some nice shots with her iphone.

EV wanted a Totoro cake as she loves Totoro. I had visions of making a 3D figure like I did last year with the mermaid, but time wasn't on my side so a 2D one it was.

PopPop gave EV a doctors kit for her birthday, it was much admired and luckily Dr Maia was on hand to demonstrate the use of the thermometor.

At the end of the day EV wanted to go to 'the beer house' for her birthday tea, which was great as far as mama and dada were concerned. And the new storio from Granny and Papa got a good workout while we were there.

A happy birthday!

School Daze.

When I said October has been busy I was referring to fact that not only was it EV's 3rd Birthday, but she also started pre-school. EV goes 2 days a week, and I think she likes it quite a bit, but she is still trying to insist that she misses me too much and she doesn't like it. I think the fact she stands at the door with her backpack on and her teeth brushed, shouting me too hurry up belies her insistence on not liking pre-school.

The first day of pre-school, new backpack (check), morning tea packed (check), spare clothes "just in case" (check).... now hurry up!
I was so preoccupied getting EV ready I had to get dada to take a couple of shots before we walked out the door.