More Drawing.

When I picked EV up from school the other day one of her teachers was really enthusiastic about a drawing EV had done of her Dad. I think it's pretty cool too. She has his bald head and the beard and there is a good mix of colours going on. She told me she drew her dad "because I think my dad is beautiful." When she showed it to him she pointed out she drew a smile too, and 3 legs (?).

Heres another quick Dad sketch she did a few weeks ago. And we are still doing the morning drawings at school when I drop her off. This week we have copied planets and cats.


Drawing, knitting, drawing.

EV has been a bit clingy when I leave her at school lately, so I am often looking for something to distract her so I can leave. Yesterday morning we found a table full of lovely clean sheets of paper and jars of graphite and charcoal sticks. Alongside this was a book left open at a painting by Degas. Then my hand got a bit itchy and it started to reach for the graphite pencil and EV and I sat down to draw a ballerina. I chose one the one in the foreground, EV drew the one in the background with her foot on the bar.

She signed the back of the drawing with her usual E with 2 extra lines.

I've been messing around with some knitting. Mama Cat has been doing some beautiful knitting lately and it's made me want to knit, because I am pretty hopeless at knitting I need practise - give me embroidery any day. But EV now has the knitting bug, so with her own pair of pink needles and pink wool (because there is only one colour that will do for Miss EV) she has been messing around too. But every time she wants to knit she wants me to show her how to knit a drum. Drum?! Just to clarify I got her to draw a picture of the drum she wants to knit.

The 2 lines in the middle are the knitting needles. I can only surmise that she thinks of the needles as drumsticks and they need to knit a drum. I need more knitting practise if I am going to knit a drum!

And finally a drawing EV did of me yesterday. I like the fetching purple ears she gave me. She also told me that there were only 3 more sleeps till Mothers Day! Bless!


The Lady in the Supermoon.

EV is always interested in the moon, she often points it out and wonders about it. With the supermoon rising last night we have been watching the moon rise over the last few nights as it has been spectacular. EV reckons there is a lady in the moon, and she usually says she is doing some sewing and reading and resting, but last night she was swimming.

We looked for the moon from the roof of the carpark. It was huge and bright and sun like, its at times like this I kind of wish I had a telephoto lens though.