Welcome to Limbo Land. Population: 3

In a perfect world we were supposed to be living in Asia by now, but we have had a little pause. While we are waiting to get it all in order we have crashed NeeNee and PopPop's pad.

Which is not a bad place to crash as you can see from this view.

There is a fantastic new park at Omana, and despite the wintry weather we have had lots of fun visiting here. Sometimes we even get to feed the pigs and goats.

This is my favourite bit to play on, the rope tower!

In between playing at the park we have been out for lunch a few times. While we were having Mexican food for lunch EV was so excited that her mama-made t-shirt matched the decor.

Of course noodles are always a favourite option. This was taken at a last visit to our old local noodle shop. Plenty of noodles where we are going!
We visited EV's great Aunty and Uncle and EV got to play with Ness's beloved dolly (shes almost as big as EV!)

There are so many parks to choose from at Maraetai. But probably the best thing is the beach at the bottom of the garden.

Nothing like collecting shells before dinner.

Or sitting on PopPops knee and feeding the birds.

Its not bad for Limbo Land.


See ya later alligator

A photo of EV and Dada walking to our local 'beer house' for the last time on Sunday. Our occasional family Sunday at Galbraiths has sadly come to an end. But when something ends it always means something new comes along. We are leaving Mt Eden for much warmer and exotic adventures! This being so it may be a wee while before I have the chance to update Eat Your Heart Out Baby. Please come back soon and see where we get to.... in awhile crocodile.