A Wee Trip To Scotland.

Want to see a kid that's bursting with excitement about getting on the first of three flights for approximately 32 hours to see her Granny, Papa, Auntie, Uncle and cousins? Here you are...

EV was one very happy kid to be going to Scotland for Xmas. I recall that we were all pretty excited to be going, however dada and I were slightly more apprehensive about the long journey ahead and how the girls would manage the flights.

Fortunately they both coped quite well and we arrived safe and sound, albeit rather tired!

Wearing woolly hats and warm jackets was a bit of a novelty, as was feeling the cold wind and rain. But it does make the home feel so cosy and lovely, especially with the Xmas decorations too. EV was dying to get outside on the trampoline in Granny and Papa's garden. I think dada drew the short straw and had to go too.

Lucky for EV our dear friends in Finland when they heard we were going to Scotland for Xmas posted some warm clothes and boots for EV to save us trying to find some to bring (they know theres not much need for polar fleece in Auckland really). So EV was always toasty and dry, lucky girl. IB got to sport the super furry jacket that is too cute.

It was wonderful to be at home with our dear family, we miss them so much living in New Zealand. We even got to celebrate IB's first birthday! That post will be coming next.