The curse of the ride at the Supermarket

We can't go into the supermarket until EV has had a 'ride' on the train and has given the 'driver' a hug.

Before we go I wish really hard that another kid is already on it.

Name Day

We celebrated name day for EV and EL the other day. In Finland they celebrate name days, like a birthday for certain names which sounds like a lovely idea to me. Another reason to get a cake and a present is fine by me.


First trip to the hairdresser

EV has a good head of hair and I decided she should finally get it trimmed by someone who knows what they are doing, and not by me on the kitchen bench with my sewing scissors. She tagged along with me when I went for my haircut, EV wanted to have hers cut first. On the way to the salon she told me she wanted a "gween stripe". I like the cape EV chose to wear.


One happy customer! Thanks to Steph x (and no green stripe... yet)


Melodica madness

One late afternoon this week EV wanted to play Dada's trumpet (she can make a noise with it after some tutoring on technique by dada). But she has to have Dada's help with the trumpet so she asked for the 'keyboard' instead. She has figured out how to play the melodica and often has a wee play with it, usually after she has strummed the guitar and sang a song about EV, mama and dada. 
She was wandering around playing the melodica when she yelled at me to get her a hat, which she felt she needed to wear while playing it outside.

Playing at the park one evening this week we met our friends by chance which is always a happy thing.

In the first place...

is EV's favourite thing to say lately. She says it for many different things. Its a curious addition to her vocabulary. 
I forgot to add these photos to the previous post, a little issue of saving them in the wrong place when I was sizing them.

Dada finally put some money in the game at the food court. EV is obsessed with the thing, but I'm not sure we will ever be free of it now.

Want some?


May's mobile pics

Our local hardware supply warehouse 'Bunnies' has a playground, and its pretty fun except for me when I need to get on with my day and I didn't factor in spending time playing at 'Bunnies'.

EV discovered that my sunglasses are pretty good and they even can be used as a hairband. I actually could have used them for driving but decided that I would rather drive in peace with the sun in my eyes than consider the alternative.

A little bit of this and that

I have been a busy lady lately and between that and Dada rebuilding my computer I haven't managed to upload any photos from my mobile until now. Here's a little selection of April's photos.

Nothing like a Dada snuggle while waiting for your fluffy.

Happy toast!

We had the pleasure of having Emi for a play date one afternoon. EV and I made biscuits for the girls to slather in icing and sprinkles.

EV is using the brochure to look nonchalant while she watches a truck empty the rubbish skip from the flats across the road.

Modelling the apron Neenee gave her . EV requested that Neenee make a matching headband for the apron.


Been and gone

I know Easter has been and gone, and frankly with all the things we have been up to it feels like a lifetime ago. But here are some belated photos of EV with the lovely chocolate bunny the Easter Bunny left on her skateboard.