Fat Cats.

EV was given a sewing book by NeeNee on Monday. It's a step by step sewing guide for kids with projects for them to make. To be honest it will be a few years before EV can really use it but she was so taken with it that we had to make something from it. EV chose to make a Fat Cat, in pink of course.

First of all we had to trace the pattern. As you can see EV did a fabulous job of tracing the cat pattern. She also put some pins in it once I had cut it out for her. (the ones in the head of the cat a mine but EV did the rest).

She looks so happy to be at the sewing machine! There's a slightly maniacal look to her eyes that seems somehow familiar... anyone who loves sewing will understand that look.

I discovered that EV is very good at stuffing. I think I might now have a job for her stuffing my sugar skulls.

 After some final sewing from mama, we have 'Fat Cat' with very long whiskers. EV was so proud of it she loves to take it out with her, but before we can leave it must be placed in a clean plastic bag - I assume so it stays nice and clean.

EV also discovered that she can make cloud trails everywhere. Just as well I have a super large bag of stuffing.

Easter Chain.

Ages ago I said I would post some photos of the Easter chain EV and I made. That was quite a while ago! I only remembered when I was taking it down to hang in EV's bedroom. So here are a few shots. I love the chicken one EV made, and I love the pompoms she glued to another one.




Birthdays are so important to EV and she was very excited that I was having a birthday. On Friday she told her teachers that her dad was going to pick her up and they were going to make a cake for mama's birthday. She was adamant that she didn't need to make a card for mama at school because she was going to make one with dada.

In the end I got 2 cards, one with a nice picture of me with lovely hair and another with "a leaf that I thought you might like mama". I love them both.
And I love my coffee birthday cake too. XXX. 
PS, I promise EV that we will play Parcel Parcel (pass the parcel) at your next birthday.


Ballerina Bonkers.

I took EV to see Angelina Ballerina by the Royal NZ Ballet this morning. EV has been excited about it since seeing a poster advertising the production at the library a month ago. She was so excited and got dressed in her tutu and slippers for the big outing. We caught the bus into the city and luckily it didn't rain!

EV has her ticket ready.

It was so exciting!

During the intermission EV got up and danced in the aisles she was just so enthusiastic about it all. For me I really enjoyed seeing her clap with delight after each dance sequence. I think EV especially liked it when the lights dimmed and Angelina Ballerina was bathed in star shaped lights... just magical.


Smokin' Easter

Good Friday - EV had her first Easter gifts. A bunny from Great Granny who joined us for lunch, and a bag of treats from Granny and Papa. Here she is trying to decide which chocolate is her favourite. The chick won.

Saturday - was a lovely day and we got to play at the park and go for bike rides. EV and dada joined me on the roof of the carpark to look at clouds and at the diggers demolishing a shop across the street. Afterwards EV and I decorated her basket in anticipation of a visit by the Easter bunny.

Sunday - The Easter bunny came! He had a nibble on the carrot. When EV was deciding what to leave for the Easter bunny she said he might like some beer and wine however we convinced her that a carrot would be really appreciated.
EV found the bunny had left her a list of eggs to find. As she found them she carefully ticked the list to keep track of them. The last one was very hard to find so dada was enlisted to find it. The Easter bunny had left in on the skull wreath, it blended in with the glittery sugar skulls.
NeeNee and PopPop paid us a visit too, bringing chocolate of course. 


Monday - Dada smoked some chillies, in a smoker that is. He is planning to make some sweet chipotle sauce with them. Our apartment has a delightful slightly wood smokey smell which I am enjoying. This weekend was so relaxing and warm and fun I think I can safely say it was the most enjoyable Easter weekend I have had in a long time.


Raglan Rules!

EV and I had the chance to join NeeNee and PopPop and company for a night at a beach house in Raglan. Although it was only one night, we had a fabulous time. My favourite thing was our visit to Bridal Veil Falls.

EV was mesmerised by the waterfall and we enjoyed the short bushwalk to get to the viewing platforms too. 
While we were in Raglan we got to play on the foreshore and at the park. But best of all we got to hang out with Great Gran and Great Uncle Ron.

PopPop helped EV do a bit of spying with the telescope.

And I amused myself with taking some shots of EV when she wasn't looking.

Raglan was pretty sweet, I can see why people love it. Its such a laid back surfing town and you can get awesome coffee. Maybe next time we will have more time to see if we can catch up with the cousins and watch Regis surf.


Saving the Daylight.

Daylight saving finished yesterday, we have put the clocks back an hour. Yesterday EV and I also came home from a small trip away. I'll post a few photos soon.