Happy Christmas!

With the visit to Santa's Grotto behind us we could rest easy knowing that Santa would deliver to Kilmarnock instead of Auckland. We were looking forward to the novelty of a proper traditional Xmas dinner instead of the summery BBQ we usually have. 

 The girls' stockings were hung on the mantelpiece and EV left out some chili cashews and craft beer for Santa, and the carrot for reindeer.

Santa bought some lovely gifts, including a yo yo for EV and some balloons for IB. Granny and Papa also gave the girls some lovely gifts and we all played until the cousins came over for Xmas dinner.
 EV is trying out the Spider Man guitar before dinner.

Isn't this cake the best Xmas cake?! We had a fabulous Xmas day, hope you did too.


Birthday's and Santa.

IB turned One on the 16th December! She shares her birthday with Papa so we were able to celebrate both birthday's together. After school the cousins came over for a birthday tea, and to help IB open her presents.

 Here are the bunch of cuties posing with the cake. 

You will have to excuse the terrible job I did of taking photos with my SLR and the indoor lighting. I have an aversion to using a flash but I was also not prepared for the low lighting and unfortunately these ones are quite peaky. It was a superb birthday tea though!

Unfortunately the next day IB was poorly and had to go to hospital. Fortunately she was ok, suffering with the jet lag and maybe a virus. While we were in the hospital we met some players and the mascot from the local football team KFC. They were doing the pre-christmas feel good visits to the childrens wards. Santa came by too but we were more interested in talking to the Doctor so we could get discharged so we told him to go away. Fortunately we did get discharged!

After the drama IB put us through we decided to take EV to the mall to do some Xmas shopping. She got to see Santa and made her request for a Yo yo, yet again she takes the prize for asking for the most simple and inexpensive present ever. I really wonder how long she will keep that up!

Here's a photo of the approach to Glasgow. This was pretty much the constant weather we had all holiday. Lots of rain and wind and no snow unless you count the tiny flurry we saw one day.

Despite the weather we decided to go on a small drive to Santa's Grotto in Crossford with Uncle Dave, Auntie Jen and the cousins. It was one of the best days out we had, despite the freezing temp we rode on a small train and then visited the grotto to see Santa.

Afterwards we drove to New Lanark for lunch. Turns out it was an industrial mill with housing and a school for workers and was a grand development that now houses a hotel and various other things.

.....more from our visit to Scotland soon.