Its all about growing up.

Since EV's birthday its been a whirlwind of activities and growing up. Here is EV post birthday with her favourite clothes and pillowpet, a Unicorn of course. EV loves school so much she declared she even wants to go in the weekend.

IB is quite chatty these days, with her favourite words being IB, Dadee, EV, Uh oh and Happy. She is almost 11 months and is finally cutting her first tooth, a front tooth. Seemed like a good time to get her used to her proper toothbrush. "Uh oh" is often said while she dangles something over the side of her highchair. But if I say "no uh oh" she puts it on the table instead of dropping it which is a result. IB has developed a way of getting around which involves sitting on her bum and pulling herself forward using her hands. Sometimes she goes backwards instead of forwards but she is loving this new freedom.

We are still having some amazing days with lots of sun. Theres alot of trying to keep IB's sunhat on and remembering to put sunblock on EV before she goes to school.

 A couple of weeks ago we bumped into Great Nana at the mall. So she got a chance to get some cuddles with IB and to spoil EV.

And our loveliest friends have had their first baby which is very exciting. They had a bonny boy and EV was dying to visit him and have a cuddle. I don't think she thought he would cry so hard when she was cuddling him, but there will be plenty more chances to cuddle CJ without him crying especially if EV gets her plan to go and stay with Aunty Lav and 'Unful' Dom (maybe later).