The Duchess of Teething.

IB will be 5 months old tomorrow and she is teething. Well she has actually been teething for quite a long time but we are finally seeing some action in the gums. On Friday the tiny tip of a tooth could be felt on one side but its gone back down into the gum.

EV and IB enjoy each others company. IB gets plenty of cuddles and kisses from EV, and EV has a personal nickname for her that nobody else is allowed to use, Goochie Girl.

Last week they were playing together (well  technically EV was playing with IB) and I saw that EV had put her tutu skirt on IB, much to IB's enjoyment as you can see.

That's how we roll at Pink Unicorn Palace!


Bed Bugs.

I found two bugs in my bed again on Monday morning. Should I call Pest Control?
(The flash on my phone is rather bright as you can see by IB's startled look.)

That Hat.

For Easter IB was given her first winter hat with a gigantic pompom on it. 

Granny sent it from Scotland but I think it is actually a Swedish style of hat. IB likes it, when she can get it in her hands to have a chew on the pompom she loves it.

IB getting ready for a walk with dada (above) and (below) in a waiting room, waiting to get her hands on that pompom! To be honest it hasn't had a lot of wear yet because its been so warm here, but it won't be long now and she can rock that pompom every day.



Making Pasta.

EV loves pasta, especially when dada has made it by hand. She was really excited when dada suggested he teach her how to make some. It was delicious!