Christmas Day.

First we visited Nee Nee and Pop Pop for breakfast and prezzies. EV got a prezzie that was bigger then her. She was so excited, and she loves her Kitchen. She plays with it all the time. The final thing she said on Xmas day was "I want to go home and play with my kitchen". 

nearly bursting with excitement.

The other prezzie from Nee Nee and Pop Pop that was a winner was the jewelery box with a fairy that twirls around.

After breakfast with the grandparents we went to have lunch with Pop Pops side of the family. When we arrived we were greeted by a white rhino!

Then EV went to see the chooks, and she loved to stand at the bar with Dada and watch everyone.

After lunch and a nap we went to have dinner with NeeNee's side of the family. Here is EV having fun. It was a long day! Mainly I'm just hoping EV doesn't get the chicken pox from the Tron posse that would be a wonderful Xmas present.



Christmas Morning.

Santa did come, and he left a pile of crumbs and a stocking and a sack of presents! 

A little unicorn from the Santa stocking.
opening a prezzie from Granny and Papa.
This baby on a backpack is an instant favourite.

After a mad flurry of opening presents from Santa, Mama & Dada, Granny & Papa, Uncle Dave, Aunty Jen, Erin and Ewan it was time to get dressed to go to NeeNee and PopPop's for even more presents!

Twas the night before Christmas.

EV left a treat out for Santa, a bottle of beer and some biscuits. She is still learning about this Santa business but she totally understands that he leaves presents while you are asleep. I suspect that she doesn't understand that this only happens on Christmas eve.


A First Ice Block

In this part of the world we call it an ice block. Dada calls it an ice lolly, but when Mama buys it we call it an ice block. On our way home from the park this evening it was so hot (27 degrees) that I decided it was time to try one. It was cute to see EV didn't know to hold it by the stick at first. She enjoyed it, and so did I. Then it occurred to me how funny it would look beside the Xmas tree. One of those weird, it's summer but we have a Xmas tree moments. So EV did the obligatory pose for me.

Futures so bright...

I gotta wear shades.

Whats in a nose?

EV and I were visiting our lovely friends this morning and I wanted to photograph the girls together but MM didn't want to take her finger out of her nostril. When I asked her to remove the finger for the photo MM showed me that she has two nostrils! and of course EV tried to copy. 

Sew n sew

I love to sew. I have been on a mission to sew some more skulls to give to my lovely friends. EV loves my sewing machine and often she will sit on my lap when I sew. I have been training her to hold down the reverse tab on the machine.


Secret Soap Taster.

This morning EV and I hosted a wee Christmas lunch for our friends from our coffee group. We are lucky to have a group of friendly, interesting and kind mums (and dada's) and kids to meet with every fortnight for coffee and play. Today we had a lovely shared lunch and the kids got to wreak havoc with the toys and sandpit while the mums got to cuddle the newbie babies and eat and chat.

After everyone left I was in the bathroom with EV, washing her hands and I had a little giggle because that's when I saw the tiny bite marks in the bar of soap. Somebody sampled our soap and here is the photo (I couldn't resist).

I don't think it was EV, maybe the inquisitive MM? Who knows. 

Its funny how little things become important rituals when you have a toddler, like washing your hands. 
(EV's Granny and Papa please note the position of EV's toes, remind you of anyone?)


Not so sure about Santa.

EV went to the music group xmas party yesterday. It was a good excuse to bust out the new party dress. EV liked the singing but was more interested in getting Mr A's attention, that is until morning tea came out. 
Then Santa arrived on a Harley (there were a lot of tears, what were they thinking?! imagine driving a motorbike into a room full of toddlers and the driver is wearing a suit that is the colour of danger). EV shielded her eyes from the sight, maybe I should've taken her cue. I had to reassure her that she did not have to go and have a photo taken on Santa's knee on the Harley, it took a lot of reassurance I can tell you (I foresee a lot of photos of terrified toddlers on Santa's knee with smiling Mums). 
Then they gave her some lollies so she was happy... until I attempted to walk past Santa to get to the coffee and EV threw herself on the floor in full tantrum. In no uncertain terms was I to go near that man! To get some peace I decided to forgo the coffee at music and made my way to St Kevin's for a fabulous coffee and EV had yet another fluffy.

Then we visited with Great Grandad and Grandma. Gave them some photos of EV. Here she is telling Grandad all about them.

And in between all of the usual chaos I have been getting a few things together for various xmas markets (not a lot this year as I have been too preoccupied) EV likes to help, this is EV helpfully unfolding the folded tea towels.




Poor EV has been feverish. Its the first time I think that she has had a plain old fever with no other symptoms. Not much sleep for me last night and again tonight. She seems to be ok but we are keeping a close eye on her. I thought today that she was over it but it came back again once she went to sleep. She's a trouper and is still drinking water and even ate a bit today. Just hoping we have had the last high temperature and she is right as rain tomorrow.
As you can see she wasn't her usual happy self today.


Its Christmas time!

I love Christmas Trees. I look forward to putting one up every December. Although last Christmas I relented to guilt and bought a fake tree, the guilt being Jimbone's horrendous hay fever whenever I have bought home a real live tree. This is the first year EV has been old enough to help me decorate the tree. She was so excited and ran around the room shouting "Christmas Tree!". 

This is Inger the Christmas Fairy. She came to us a year ago in an old sewing box I bought from the vintage textile market. On the inside of her skirt someone has written 'from Lally, Xmas 1965' and then 'INGER', hence her name. I didn't even know Inger was in the sewing box until the Crafty Ladies League and I went through the box a few months ago. Now she has pride of place atop our tree.
EV was dying to help me put her on the tree.

EV says her favourite decoration is the "Christmas lights". Here is a little anecdote... it took a few days for me to get the tree done in between the usual chores and activities. During this time EV has developed an interest in knowing the time. About a million times a day I would hear "mama, what time is it?" and I would tell her the time, or maybe tell her "its Hammer time" or something, or ask EV what time she thought it was (always 6 o'clock apparently). While I was putting the lights on the tree EV asked me "mama what time is it?" and I told her, then 5 minutes later she asked again "what time is it?" and I told her... then she said "I like Christmas lights!".... "Christmas lights, what time is it?"

I have to say EV... Its Christmas time!!!!