Oh Summer! (tinkle tinkle little star).

It's has been absolutely glorious in the past week. Its been so warm - hot actually, and its fun to be reminded how happy the summery weather can make people. In true summer style we have been cooking with the BBQ and last night Dada cooked us some bean burgers, but EV was mostly into the bun (and cucumber).

Speaking of happiness... I'm pretty happy after spending a couple of nights in Wellington with Dada. EV got to stay with Neenee and P Pop and I think she had a lovely time, although she couldn't wait to sleep in her own bed. As soon as she came in the door she went to her bed and said "go sleeps!" but we made her wait awhile because it was only 5:30pm.

EV sings to herself alot. All day yesterday she was singing to this little star wand... "tinkle tinkle little star... How are you...." (repeat). 

I know that this little trait is one that can be pinned on me. I always make up the lyrics to songs.

Got a lovely dress and bunny in the post today from Granny and Papa! I tried to get EV to pose for a photo in the garden, but no way would she co-operate. She posed with her skateboard which she thinks she can "do tricks" on. Which is basically standing on the end to make it kick up. I guess we all start somewhere.

EV loves the dress, of course! And the bunny. Thank you Granny and Papa! xxx


Mr A's party at the Zoo.

EV loves her friend Mr A and was very excited about his party at the zoo, especially the morning tea. (I know this because she told everyone we met that she was going to A's party for morning tea at the zoo).

 I love those knees.

The birthday boy and EV

After a nice morning tea and a run around the band rotunda we wandered off around the zoo and got a very close up view of the elephant. They really sway from side to side.

Then we got eye to eye with Mrs Ostrich. By which time it was way too hot (28 degrees!) so we headed home.


Txting Dada.

I spied EV in the beanbag outside playing with my mobile phone, she told me she was "Txting Dada at work". It probably won't be long before she really is.

Gran's Garden

We visited Gran and P Pop on Tuesday morning and had a lovely cup of tea. But best of all we got a beautiful bunch of flowers from Gran's garden.

EV has a new helmet for her skateboarding and biking.


Minding your P's and E

I was getting EV out of the car the other day and she said "look Mama I draw E." and shoved her magnetic sketching pad in my face. I had to admit that it was an E and I felt very proud. So proud I took a photo to show EV's dada. Neenee says she has been teaching EV to draw EV, so I guess the lessons are paying off.

It's been very very hot today and when I am feeling a bit bothered by the heat I have to remember just how lovely it is to have the fresh veggies and fruits....

like strawberries..... and peas.

EV helped me shell some peas, she was good at it, but kept eating them or trying to put them back into the pod.

We made some lovely Primavera sauce with them.


Asserting your will.

EV has become a little madam lately - I believe they call it the terrible two's. Mostly its about asserting her will to do what suits her. This is getting a little tiresome, particularly the high pitched scream squeal that she has developed. And mostly when I am getting her dressed in the morning and she does anything to escape.

It took 10 mins to get a t-shirt on her this morning. I like this jaunty pose with the thumbs through the loops, speaks volumes about her attitude.

Dare you to put that t-shirt on me.

I have found a little set of steps. I am very pleased as I am vertically challenged and they will be very useful. I also thought it will enable EV to reach the sink to wash her hands and brush her teeth (and save me from lugging a chair in from the kitchen). 
It didn't take EV long to find them useful too. Looking at this photo reminds me that I definitely need to do a bit of de-cluttering! Maybe EV can help.



EV has recently decided that whenever I hold her hand in public without her permission she should yell "HELP!" . The first time it happened I was in a department store and had to hold her hand to stop her from pulling clothes off a rack. I was so cross with what she was doing that I couldn't really appreciate how funny it was at the time. The second time was when we were waiting to cross a busy road and then she did it again at the fabric shop last week. Now I have to stop from laughing when she says it, it's very amusing to see people's reactions.

Incidentally while we were at the fabric shop last week she would cuddle up to the bolts of fabric and say " I like this one"... "it's lovely". No guessing where she gets that from.

EV got to hang out with MM this morning. They traded hats. MM was a witch bee for Halloween, apparently its a good option for getting a hat full of lollies.