We have been away for a wee holiday with Granny and Papa. Now that we are back I will post the photos as soon as I've finished the washing.



EV went to the zoo with Granny and Papa and came back as a Lion.

Yesterday I saw a post by Heartfelt about Julia Margaret Cameron and I remember thinking about the really close cropping Cameron did in her portraits. Later on when I looked at the top portrait I took of EV I thought about how it had influenced me a little.


Kawaii desu ne?

Granny bought with her some more beautiful clothes for EV, and mama is having a hard time deciding what EV should wear each day. Especially as it is very humid!
Today's outfit is one I'm particularly fond of, its the slip from a tartan dress and spotty leggings. 

I wish my clothes were as cute as these.


EV is getting used to having Papa and Granny living with us. Here Papa is showing her photos of her cousins in Scotland.

Papa and EV duet.

Visiting Great Granny.


Waiting for Granny & Papa.

Granny and Papa are visiting us! Its been very exciting for EV and she waited patiently for them to arrive on Tuesday morning.

 I made a post it note countdown of sleeps till Granny and Papa arrived. She is clutching the last one while waiting for them to arrive. (Its a drawing of EV in bed with the day of the week at the top).

Waving the flag and shouting "Scotland!".

 A slight diversion in the form of EV's beloved rubbish truck. This got the most excited exclamation of all. "Ohhh YEAH!"

Taking a photo of mama, taking a photo of EV.

They arrived safe and sound.... eventually.