Satoko's mum was visiting from Japan at the beginning of the month and she gave EV a pair of Jimbe. They are so cute I want some! EV loves them, they are her "gym gear" because I think she thinks we call them "gym bay". 
Domo arigato Satoko san!


The Gym

When the rain goes away we like to go for a walk up Mt Eden in the mornings. Its excellent exercise and EV has been calling it "the gym". So if EV tells you she has been to the gym what she actually means is that she has been for a walk up Mt Eden. For the past week or so I have forgotten to take my camera with us, but today I remembered! I really wanted to capture (somehow) the lovely little springy 'running' EV does when we reach the summit. But today she wanted to sit down and eat her snack.

The hills in the distance on the left are Coromandel.

EV pointing to the airport as a plane was taking off. That's One Tree Hill in the middle.

Plane spotting.

It's when I'm up on Mt Eden on a beautiful morning like this I am reminded how blessed we are to be here right now. Standing on the rim of a volcano that once upon a time I would've called extinct, but actually it's probably not technically extinct. I think most Aucklander's have an awareness of how we live on a potentially explosive pile of rocks. 
But what beautiful rocks!

And now for some of the more artistic shots I took as we were walking up the road. Actually thinking about the road to the summit, giant tour buses have finally been banned! It is such a dream going up there now that I don't have to worry about facing down a giant bus and wondering how I can meld in to the hill to give the bus room to pass us with the pram. And actually there are so many people walking, running and cycling up and down you will rarely see more than 3 cars in the mornings. And today! the road was closed so we had it all to ourselves. I would've loved to see some skaters flying down the road.

the tiny smudge on the right is actually a plane! I was surprised to see it when I zoomed in.


Sun, sun and more sun!

Finally the sun has decided to join us. Dada had to go to work today, I had planned to do some errands and housework with EV, when late morning I spontaneously decided to check the high tide times. It was high tide about 1:30pm, so that's when I decided that the housework could wait and EV and I should go to the beach even without Dada.

First on the agenda was a sand castle with moat, followed by a swim. Then some afternoon tea, followed by more sand castles and play with some other kids we found, followed by another swim before going home. It was perfect, calm, quiet and sunny. We were very lucky.

Deciding whether to go tomorrow morning or afternoon.... decisions... decisions.
Catching up from last week...

EV and MM went to their first movie at the cinema. We saw 'Puss in Boots' and we all had a pretty good time. Mama Cat and I had a few good laughs too.
But I am so glad to see the sunny summer weather back because the beach is probably the best fun of all.


Rain, rain and more rain.

There isn't much to tell lately. I blame the rain. There has been so much rain that we haven't done any of the usual summer things like going to the beach. When we do get a sunny patch we have been sneaking to the park before the rain comes back. I'm really hoping that the rain goes away soon and we can get back to the kind of summer we are all needing. And before we all grow mushrooms in this damp humidity !

EV and I went to the library on Monday morning, wearing our rain coats of course. I couldn't resist sneaking a photo of EV on the bus in her coat and gumboots (mac and wellies), I loved those little knees in between the coat and the boots. She was really good, she loves the library so much. But we didn't like the wee boy who had the biggest tantrum we have ever seen because he didn't want to share the building blocks. Thank god his mum took him outside and the rest of the kiddies played with the blocks, sharing them of course. It was like they were all very self conscious of being good because the other boy was so horrid.

We are off to see a movie today and guess what!  The sun is out, despite the weather forecast of showers, just my luck. I would change the plans but I think EV would be upset because we are meeting MM and its their first trip to the cinema. Actually since I started writing this the clouds have come in, and they are grey and showery looking. Maybe we won't miss the sun today after all.