It was Bunny's birthday yesterday, or so announced EV when she woke me up in the morning. Apparently he was turning 2. We couldn't let a birthday go by without a cake, so after dinner we whipped up this little treat in the microwave (seen as all the baking things are packed already!) and sang Happy Birthday to Bunny. The candles were imaginary. The cake was delicious, but EV isn't that fussed with it so there was a large piece for Bunny.



When did we last have a holiday? I mean a proper holiday. One that lasted more than a few nights and involved going somewhere much warmer? Can't remember, its been over 4 years at least. But we are going on holiday next week! And that is very exciting for Miss EV who is looking forward to sleeping in bunk beds and visiting with James and his new baby, and going to the beach. 
So I will be taking a short break while we finish moving out of our apartment, followed by going on holiday and then moving into a new place. Once the dust is settled I will bring news of our adventures.

Ciao for now!



Blood Pipes.

At school EV and her friends are still investigating 'baby brains'. Recently I dropped in with the video of my baby scan for them to look at and they discussed what they could see. Since then they have developed more ideas about the brain having buttons to start and stop the brain and that there are 'blood pipes' around the brain. Together they have worked on a collaborative drawing of their brain theory and have been creating a clay description of this 'baby brain'. This clay construction is a huge collection of blobs with spirals and pipes, its all very exciting for this art teacher to see these young minds expressing their ideas in drawing and clay.

Yesterday EV did her own thing (not unusual with EV) and instead of collaborating on the 'baby brain' she made a clay mummy with baby and a 'blood pipe' connecting them. EV's teacher showed it to me and talked about how EV described what she was doing. Of course I just had to take a photo of it.

I've made a few sculptures in my time although I've never really desired to have a sculpture made of myself, but this first one is quite something!

Life goes on.

We are in the process of moving out of our apartment. It's been a great year living here, but the time has come to move. In between things EV has been playing her usual games and recently that includes 'soup' making. The latest one consisted of pieces of cheese in water, to which she added a few prunes. I had to put a stop before more food was sacrificed for imaginary play. At least this one didn't smell as strong as the banana soup she made the other week.

Dada and EV made a microwaved chocolate cake in a mug the other weekend. They were quite proud of their efforts, it tasted rather nice.

EV is still interested in writing. She likes to copy words and has taken to embellishing her writing with hearts (those are the little circle squiggles).

On Monday morning EV said that she wanted to "do a pretty painting like the one on the pencils". I gave her a piece of paper and she got stuck into it. I was interested to see how she copied the colours including the shadows on the pagoda and the water. I think this is the first full page complete drawing we have had. EV was pleased with the results and I managed to photograph it before it got folded up and sellotaped. We have noticed her drawings have been evolving a bit lately, people now get full arms not just sticks and she sometimes draws bodies, not just heads with legs and arms.


A Carousel Ride

A month ago after we went to see the play The Magic Chicken, EV had her first ride on a carousel. Dada came by for 15 mins on his lunch break and got to take EV on the ride (not something I was that keen to do being pregnant). EV obviously enjoyed it. I don't think it was what dada had planned for his lunch break.

I would've loved to take EV ice skating at the outdoor rink, but we will have to wait till next year. Dada doesn't do ice skating.

I finally got dada to download the photos on his phone. So here are a couple of random photos. One from last summer when we were walking at the waterfront.

And one from last week when dada and EV had breakfast together. EV thinks her dressing gown makes her look like a flower (it does) and she invented peanut butter and banana and Vegemite on an english muffin for breakfast. I don't think there will be a repeat of that taste sensation.