Big Sister.

EV is very excited, we all are because we will be welcoming a new addition to our family in early December. When we told EV that she was going to be a big sister she was amazed and very grateful, she said "thank you mama!" quite a few times. She then wanted to play the ukulele to the baby and wanted to know what songs it would like. I told her I didn't know so she decided to sing Rock-a-bye Baby. Then she got out her leapfrog laptop and played some more tunes for the baby. It's safe to say EV is going to be a very involved and helpful big sister. She sometimes even puts things away and tells me it's so the baby can't get them. This is going to be a long pregnancy!

Coincidentally at school EV and her fellow Pukekos' are investigating brains, in particular 'baby brains'. They have been studying the babies in the creche and have decided babies brains are "messy". And everyone except EV thinks that babies have a brain while in their Mummy's tummy. EV is adamant they don't have a brain until after they are born, despite lots of conversations and looking at ultrasound scans she maintains her opinion. I did ask her how the brain gets in after they baby is born, but she hasn't come up with anything yet.

EV did draw a picture of "our baby" with a brain, that's the red bit, the yellow bit is the hair.

We might have to wait a bit to see how this idea develops.

And here's a pic of the baby. We don't know what we are having, although EV wants a sister so that's what she tells people. The baby was a bit shy for the scan but did give us this profile right at the end. Welcome to eat your heart out baby, baby.


A Family of Sticks.

EV is a collector of sticks. Almost everyday she brings a stick or two home. Sometimes they are pretend keys, but lately she has been referring to them as a family. When I heard this I found it hard to throw them out. So I started putting them in a jar. She plays with the sticks a lot pretending they are wands or keys, or she arranges them into letters or patterns.
Yesterday I discovered a photo of the sticks on my mobile phone.

Lets not forget the other thing EV likes to collect... introducing a family of leaves.

Now for a couple of recent drawings. An angel for her pre-school teacher...

and a portrait of Toot and Collins and Ethel Heihei from The Magic Chicken. A mimetastic play we went to the other week.


Rocket Park Rulz!

Seems like it was only yesterday that we were hanging with Little Dude and his mama in Sydney, and this morning we got to hang out in Auckland. As it was such a glorious winters day we took them to Rocket Park for some playground action.

There was a lot of jumping.

Slides and swings featured too.

Hugs for our friends were important!

EV cried when we said goodbye, we really love you guys!



Becoming a Pukeko.

This week EV moved up to the older group at pre-school, called the Pukeko group. She has been dying to be a Pukeko so it was very exciting. When EV came home from her first day as a Pukeko she got to celebrate by blowing out some candles on her cupcake. The Pukeko's are investigating the "head brain" at the moment and EV informed us she made a brain out of black play dough. I think this is going to be an interesting time for our little (sorry EV "BIG") Pukeko.

EV insists on walking to school now she is a  'Big Pukeko', seems that Pukekos' are too big to go in the pushchair. It takes a bit longer to get there and back again but we get to collect leaves on the way.