Happy Jars and Button Trees

EV stayed with Neenee and Poppop for the weekend. She made me a lovely special surprise present of a button tree. She chose every button, cut the thread and sewed through one button hole, and Neenee helped her do the rest. It now has pride of place on the kitchen noticeboard.

Apparently EV was a perfect nearly 3 year old for her grandparents and they had a lovely weekend. I think that that deserves another ball in the Happy Jar (as its now become known).

We are trialing a new behaviour modification training system, called the "Happy Jar". I decided to try this system after the naughty corner/step didn't really work. After EV had been on the naughty step and had apologized, etc she would go back and sit there again. When I asked her why she was back sitting there she would say she liked sitting there. So now we use the jars. Its a pretty simple concept and EV is very into it. If she does something really well, or thoughtful she can choose a ball to add to the Happy Jar. But if she does something naughty or unhelpful one of the balls is taken from the happy jar and put into the Sad Jar. We are all looking forward to when the Happy Jar is full and EV can choose a treat.

In the mean time EV often tells me "My sad jar makes me happy!". It makes me happy too!


Dancing Fever

EV has been into "Wok and Woll" for a wee while now, and she loves to watch the dance scenes from the movie Grease. Like mother like daughter as they say. She loves it so much she often spontaneously sings "Rock and roll is here to stay, it will never diiieeee". I was really pleased to finally capture a wee bit of EV dancing to Hand Jive yesterday. She also did some excellent arm motions to 'Greased Lightnin' while eating a sandwich.

Birthday Fever

Its not long till EV turns 3, and we have been talking about having a party for her. When you are 3 parties are the so important! Our friend JCT had his 4th birthday party last weekend, and EV was super excited about it. Although she was adamant she would be having a party too. Almost every day there is at least one conversation where she wants some confirmation that her party is going to happen. Next month EV, I promise.

The train cake was delicious, so much so EV asked to take some home for herself for later. Later being 5 mins after getting home.

EV loved playing 'Pin the tail on the donkey', although I'm not sure she fully understood the object of the exercise.

EV's tail is the one on the front leg, nice effort. And top marks to JCT's mum who made the donkey and tails!


Watering our seedlings.

In our new home we have lots of pots, and in the weekend I planted some seedlings. EV has become the watering girl, a job she takes quite seriously.

EV water the seedlings please.

"more water please"

A girl on a watering mission.


Some photos from Dada's phone

Kowawa visits the park

Tommy visits the park

EV composed and shot this one

EV says she can see the clouds

The nappy hat, one for the 21st folder


A new old home.

Being in Maraetai over the past 2 months has given us some lovely times at the beach including a wintry seashell finding mission. Which ended up with a fine stash of shells and a mama covered in sand.

Surely this lovely person wouldn't shovel sand down her mothers top when she wasn't looking!

This is Winter... well maybe its Spring, almost. There have been some beautiful days without a ripple on the sea.

One of our interludes in the past 2 months was a week house sitting in Forrest Hill. We had some great trips to the zoo and MOTAT. Which is where EV had her first tram ride, oh the joy!

We also went to the Clevedon Playgroup where Woody found a handbag to accessorize with, and EV serenaded her Aunty Elaine on the toy piano. ( Oh the memories! That toy piano is the very one I loved to play when I was a wee girl).

NeeNee busted out a rad old chalkboard for EV. I couldn't resist snapping this drawing by PopPop. This drawing is the same one he drew for me and the boys when we were growing up, nice to see things haven't changed.

 Another interlude was a stay in the city. I took EV to Wynyard Quarter to test out the playground. Its got some striking sculptural qualities but it wasn't that great for EV to climb on. I can't help but wonder how hot this playground is going to get in the summer. We had more fun trying out the deck chairs hanging around the Viaduct. It suited EV as there was a lot of crane and boat action to watch. I think we were the only girls checking out the crane/boat along with a few older gentlemen and a couple of boys.

Probably the most exciting thing to happen while we were hanging in the city was the snow! Its only been over 70 years since there was snow in Auckland. This trip to the park was the same day as the snow incident. All I can say is that I was freezing and so was Dada, but EV was determined to play at the park.

EV enjoyed a patriotic gingerbread person at Queenies with Aunty Sarah. 

 I had the pleasure of being woken from my slumber by the lost drummer from Josie and the pussycats. The chopsticks are a great alternative to real drumsticks I find. Especially when the said drummer is drumming very close to your sleeping head. Although I do get some warning because EV like to tap the sicks together and shout 1, 2, 3 before she starts.

We visited Great Grandma for her birthday and EV showed us her crocheting technique.

And EV got to go shopping with mama and NeeNee and wore her new shoes from Aunty Lav (thank you!), and see Granny, the dress still fits!

And last week we moved into our new home, just down the road from our old one! EV and I got into the city in style by taking the ferry. It was a fabulous trip, much nicer than driving.

This afternoon we saw a double rainbow out our window (but I didn't get the camera out quick enough so you have to take my word for it). EV thinks it came to visit us.
Its been an interesting interlude the past couple of months, and now we have a new home in the old hood. So its back to our old tricks and probably a few new ones.