What to do on a sunny spring day.

The rain has finally gone away (and the wind!) so I thought we should enjoy the good weather and get out for a wee adventure on the train. EV loves the trains and we often hear their horns from our house which is why they often come up in conversation. EV also loves to "go shops", so I thought a little trip (only 2 stops down the line) to Newmarket would be fun. It was and a couple of impulse buys later we headed back home with some sushi for our lunch.

I forgot to take photos on the train. I think this is probably because after I have to wrangle the buggy into the train I always end up having chats with people because of EV. Today a nice lady was talking to EV on the way home, and I had to smile when EV told the lady she was "on train" followed by a cheeky smile and "chugga chugga" (said very slowly).

EV inspecting the Quakers letterbox for Junk Mail.

Showing Dad the black tutu skirt. Surely this was the reason we needed to go shopping! EV chose my bow headband to wear with the skirt, this sort of fashion sense does not come from Dad.

We had to take a few shots with the balloon. But when I finished taking these EV said she wanted more photos so I asked her how she wanted me to take her photo, to which she said "eyes closed".....


Sunday Sugar.

We had a lovely spring day today, just perfect for a party (our little friend Lily turned 2). So we got our party dresses on and went out for a fluffy (and coffee) and then on to the party. Total consumed = 1 x fluffy with homemade marshmallow and 1 x sausage roll. 


The Cress Man

We had a lovely morning at Music on Wednesday, and as a bonus everyone got to make a cress man (or woman?) to take home and watch the hair grow. Poor Cressie had a wee accident in the car and his guts fell out which upset EV immensely, and there are rolled oats all over the back seat. I managed to put him back together and added a few more seeds so he grows a nice crop of hair for our salad. But every time EV looked at the cress man she burst into tears. I think she is over that now because I showed her how to water his head, and as you can see she did a great job.


Making Things.

I have been embroidering again. Its something I love to do and the other day it reminded me of the vest I embroidered for EV.


Summer Dresses

Granny sent some lovely summer dresses from Scotland. EV tried each one on and twirled around in them. Her favourite one has bright pink and white stripes. This is my favourite one.



Drawing Dad

EV often asks me or dada to draw things for her. In this image she wanted a picture of dada in his glasses (probably because they are new).

Noonoo Monster

Noodles is probably the most requested food, so much so I have thought about changing EV's name to noonoo monster. Recently they have changed from being called noonoos to noodles. But I think I will always think of them as noonoos.

Waiting for noonoos


The joy of eating a tea cake.

EV had the joy of her first pink iced tea cake this week, a treat from her Great Nana. She ate all the icing, including the cherry on top but had to be convinced that you can eat the rest.


Something from the archive.

I kind of wish I had thought about doing this blog before now. But I figure I can still share my favourite EV photos.... This little cherub is probably one of my all time favourites.

..... and lets not forget Dad.

Fathers Day and First Pigtails.

Pigtails! The first of many I will do I am sure.

 We went for a coffee with Dad on Fathers Day and on the way home EV had to wear my sunnies. Such a hipster.

Dad's shoes.

A Fathers Day duet.


Godzilla goes to the park.

A fitting way to start I suppose. EV is ready to slide down the big slide and here I am ready to send the images and anecdotes of our everyday adventures down the wire. I only hope that you can experience a little piece of the joy I get from living and hanging out with the wonderful EV.

We took Godzilla to the park the other day. Its still kind of wintery, but when the sun comes out its glorious, and hard to resist a walk to the Park. EV has a little cough so I made her wear a scarf, which she quite likes. It made my day when she put Godzilla on the seesaw and told him to "Hold on, Hold on!", which he didn't so she sent him down the slide instead.