About the house

Its been a funny old time in our house. Mainly because we have been painting and fixing up the place and because we are doing that we are living in a sort of in between state. EV takes it all in her stride of course.

If you have ever lived in NZ you would know about our Feijoas. These are a fruit that thrives in our climate and most people grow up with a tree or two at home or at least at a neighbours or family members house. I grew up eating Feijoas from my Nana and Grandad's lawn. We are lucky to have a tree in our garden and it has produced the most amazing fruit this year. EV and I have been collecting them by the basket full (laundry basket!) and have been giving them away and eating a few ourselves. Dada loathes them so more for us!
Shaking the tree before you pick up the Feijoas is a good idea.

EV striding in our newly weeded back garden. Probably looking for the monkeys' who hide in the bananas. Actually she looks to be making a beeline for the feijoa tree.

EV playing in the shelves while Dada sands them ready for painting. Her style choice of underpants over tights was her own. Just goes to show that you are never too young to dress in the fashion of a superhero.


Butterfly Creek

NeeNee took EV and me to Butterfly Creek to look at the beautiful butterflies, the not so beautiful crocodiles and the farm animals. I loved the butterflies. The one in the photo above was my favourite of their collection I think it is a 'common mormon'.

One of the butterflies took a fancy to NeeNee and tried to have a feed from her top. EV wasn't too sure about it.

A little boy came up to show us a butterfly he had managed to hold. Then as we were leaving we saw a couple that probably needed a private room or leaf.

There are also some cute turtles in the butterfly house. I think EV loved them the best. She has this girly way of going "aaaawwwwwww" when she sees cute things.

I don't remember her saying "aaaawwwwwww" when we saw this fella.


Mr K's 4th Birthday!

EV and I were invited to Mr K's 4th Birthday and it was a skateboard party! Lucky EV has a skateboard - even if it is pink with sparkly wheels and Dora on it.

We headed out west and met Mr K's lovely mama and dada and his little sis EL. It was such a joy to see Mr K learning to skate with his dada. EV was so excited she jumped straight on to her board and joined in (kind of).

Mr K learning to skate with Dada Andrew.

 He even posed for a big boy portrait!

Miss EL was a demon on the trike.

Dada Andrew made an awesome skateboard cake. Love the doughnut wheels and licorice and cake trucks.

EV loved it.
Happy 4th Birthday Mr K! You are one cool dude!

Garden Cove

Here are a few belated photos from our weekend on the boat. Uncle D had these on his camera, he took the ones of the beach and I took the ones of EV on the swing.

EV going in to wash the sand off.

The End.



Just went to check on EV who went to sleep a wee while ago and found her fast asleep while holding 'Baby's' hand. Sweet dreams EV.