Time for the big bath.

IB got to share her first time in the big bath with her big sister. EV did a great job of helping to wash IB too.


Apples and Scooters.

These are from back in May, I had forgotten to upload them until I remembered that this was IB's first attempt to eat something. Since then she has become a pro at sneaking bites from things that are in front of her when she is in the front-pack. Recently we were at an afternoon tea for Matariki and she grabbed an ANZAC biscuit off the plate I was holding for EV. IB was super displeased when I took the biscuit from her, after that a rusk just didn't cut it.
Thanks to the lovely Lisa who took these photos, and for the lovely afternoon spent at Cornwall Park.


Mermaids and Fairies.

EV came home the other week and told me that she had wanted her teacher to paint a mermaid on her arm but they ran out of time. So we found the face-paints and this mama did her best mermaid interpretation.

It reminded me of a tattoo and also of a conversation I had with EV one day about my tattoos. She asked me how big I was when I got mine, very big, you have to be a big girl before you are allowed to have a tattoo I told her. Then she wanted to know how they are made, so I explained about the needle gun and the ink. At this point she declared that she didn't want a tattoo because she hates needles. We will stick with the face-paint for now, whew!

The fairy mailbox is back!

It sits outside EV's door and every morning she checks to see if the fairies have left her anything. And while I'm on about magical things the other night EV woke up at some ungodly hour and was shouting for mama, luckily for mama dada went to see what was wrong. She couldn't find Pony ( the unicorn), he fell down the back of the bed! After a big search down the back of the bed it turns out he was actually still in her bed, just under the covers. "He must have flown back there" she declared and went back to sleep.



Its all about accessories.

The butterfly headband is a current favourite accessory for EV and IB has been in on the action. Of course EV took a million selfies on my phone.

I'm still loving the way twilight catches the shape of IB's face and lashes.


Queens of Broccoli.

At around 6 months IB started to show some interest in food and gradually she started eating solid food. I was going to say that this photo above was her first taste of an apple but I've just remembered that she was having a good go at eating an apple I was holding when we went to the park with Lisa and Abe. I'll have to add that photo once I've retrieved it from my email account. The transition to eating solid food has been fine, IB gets very excited when she knows her food is coming and so far, like her big sister she has shown a passion for broccoli. Yes, broccoli is king in our house, and cauliflower is queen.

Those trees of broccoli get sucked to death. And then if the stalk is dropped on the floor I have seen IB bend forward and try to eat the bits off the table with her mouth (gets that from her dada).

My super cool friend Barb gave me these Canadian sippy cups for IB and she has just begun to learn how to use them. She's never had a bottle so I figure we can just skip that stage and go straight to the cup. Of course a sugar skull cup is a much cooler way to be sippin' on that gin and juice.


Unicorn Dreams.

Ice Skating.

EV filled up her Happy Jar! She wanted to go Ice Skating with Mama!

I was hoping she would want to try ice skating because there is a temporary outdoor rink in the central city which we spied last year but with me being pregnant it had to wait. Neenee came to mind IB while we skated. EV was really into it and even tried to skate by herself a few times but mostly she got pushed around really fast by me. It was so much fun we are both dying to try again. In the mean time we are practicing our moves in socks on the wooden floors.

Cafe Babies.

What's a baby to do if Mama wants a coffee? Ask Miss L's Mama if she can come for a coffee too. My all time favourite photo is the one of Miss L chewing Jeremy Fisher's foot while IB holds his hand. Too cute.


Early morning creativity.

IB woke up quite early this morning and went straight back to sleep after her feed. So I was ready for the day and with a small piece of quiet time to myself  over breakfast I got stuck into a wee drawing I'm working on. When EV woke up she joined in on the drawing. Before we knew it, it was time to go to school. Not a bad way to start the day, albeit an early one.