Train Tracks.

Our lovely EV is very interested in trains. I think we would average more than 5 conversations about trains everyday. This afternoon she wanted to take the train timetable to bed.

When she woke up she came to me clutching the "train tracks" (timetable) and said "there no lights! no trains!".


Honestly this is how I found him.

While I was cleaning the bathroom today EV decided to unroll the toilet paper and I think she was using it to wipe Bunny. Maybe I shouldn't ask.

Singing to the blue ukulele.

The ukulele has been in action a bit since Xmas day. Sometimes it gets used as a surfboard (!?) so I am relieved when it is 'played'. EV loves to sing songs to herself and makes up lyrics. I really really really love to hear her off singing to herself, and even happier to finally have managed to capture it.

Washing up again...

Watching the drips drop from her bottom, after this she actually tried to catch the drips in the toy fry pan.

Needless to say the move to washing up outside has been a hit, and has been a bit more interactive.

Blue is the new red.

EV wanted to start the year with her nails painted, both fingers and toes. Mama had to have hers done too of course.

Washing up.

EV has a passion for cleaning things and I heartily encourage this. The latest thing is to do the washing up. Mostly she wants to wash up the dishes from her kitchen. I thought washing up wearing elephant ears or as EV calls them "bunny ears, hippity hop" was inspiring.


Hello 2011!

Nice to meet you. Thank you for being so sunny, warm and calm so we could go to the beach everyday. In fact for the first four days of 2011 we have been to the beach everyday. We can't stay too long because its way too hot, but we have a lovely time having swims and digging and making sandcastles. EV and Dada were having so much fun jumping out of the waves that I had to get in with the camera (the baby one not my beloved SLR!) and get up close for some photos with the fabulous volcano Rangitoto in the background. On Monday evening we took our dinner to the beach, it was bliss after a long hot day working around the house.

EV and Dada are very happy to be at the beach.
Its quiet at 9:30am.
Dada! Dada! I want to swimmmm!