Life after birthday parties.

There were so many lovely photos from the party that I thought about adding more, but instead I decided to leave it for now and just add this one from Neenee. The expression on EV's face shows utter delight.

So what do you do after a big party? We decided to go and feed the ducks and geese some of the leftover crusts from the party. We took the new bike too so EV could do some long runs. She wasn't that interested in riding her bike, but she did feed herself and the ducks a few crusts. It was a bit like this, one for you and one for me, one for you and two for me.

This is the reaction we got when we told EV we were leaving the park. 
When we then told her were going to a playground she looked more like this... and said "bye bye ducks". 

After such a busy long weekend we decided to end it with a visit to out local "beer shop" for some beer and chips. EV loves it. She ordered chips and when they didn't arrive in a timely fashion she went and asked where they were in a way only a 2 year old can get away with. In other words she yelled "I WANT CHIPS". 
And to top it off she licked the mayo dip bowl clean. All class.

Just as well the staff like her or I think they might not let us come back again.

And finally we had a flying visit from our lovely friends Aunty S and little dude. Little dude is getting big! He took a liking to EV's "kings hat" and she was not impressed. We had a lovely catch up and coffee. And EV had a fluffy of course. I like it when a cafe keeps the fluffy simple, just the froth and a wee bit of milk, a sprinkle of chocolate and a marshmallow or two.

Somebody give that girl a marshmallow!


Neenee's birthday photos.

Neenee emailed me some fabulous photos from the party. Here are a few of the ones I liked. There were lots of good ones, I may post some more later....



Waiting for our guests to arrive.

Watching the birdies in the garden with Dad.

One happy Birthday Girl!

So happy EV does a wee dance for everyone.

Blowing out the candles on the mermaid cake made with love by mama.

P Pop bought EV a skateboard for her birthday.

I told EV that that Neenee was giving her some new dvd's for her birthday, and she replied "PopPop bringing a skateboard", turns out he did.

Two of EV's Great Grandmothers enjoy the party.

Putting on the new shoes from Neenee.

O-Tron giving a 'butterflying' tutorial.

Butterflies can skate too.

We had a lovely morning, with lots of laughs and some beautiful weather. I think EV is still singing "Happy Birthday to you". When we came home from a walk to the park this afternoon she said "we had a birthday party this morning"... yes we did EV!

Afterward mama put her feet up and admired the blue sky and flowering plants in her garden.

And for those of you who would like to see my cake decorating efforts, here are some photos...

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Imagine you turn 2 years old and when you wake up there is a brand new wishbone bike waiting for you!

and after music you help mum ice some biscuits for your party.

afterwards you ride your bike for a bit till Aunty L comes to give you some lovely prezzies.


The first sticking plaster.

Ev turns 2 years old tomorrow! I am so excited for her. But today she had a wee fall while we were out for a walk and has a tiny graze on her knee. I thought it warranted a sticking plaster so I found a blue one. It lasted all of 5 minutes before it was pulled off.


King of the Garden.

It was a lovely warm evening yesterday, so warm we couldn't keep away from the garden. Here is EV playing in the garden after dinner. Being a monkey as usual.


On Crying.

At the moment I am enjoying how EV is changing and experimenting with how she expresses herself emotionally. I suspect an actress may be hiding in there. The other morning after breakfast she said "I crying" and pretended to cry, when I asked her why she was crying and she replied " I sad".
In line with this when she hurt herself the other day and cried I asked her where she had hurt herself (after seeing her chin hit the floor) and she said "my eyes". She was more concerned about the tears than her chin!

And to celebrate tears here is a favourite photo from Feb 2010, titled 'Watermelon makes me sad'.


The Fish Shop.

I think one of EV's biggest fans is the lady at the fish shop. She gets so excited when she sees EV, and talks to her in a very excited way in a language I think is possibly Korean. Its always nice to buy fish for dinner.



Its been a busy old morning with a lovely visit from some of EV's friends. I think the photo of the kids playing in the middle of all the toys pretty much sums up the morning. We also had some delicious home made cinnamon and date scones made by A's daddy.




Today EV declared her lunch was "De Licious". Much to mine and Neenee's amusement she also declared her new sandpit was "De Licious" and also said "woo hoo" alot and kept asking us to come and see her sandcastle. 

This is EV tasting the sand.

I'm not sure the sand was so "De Licious".
We also went for a long walk this morning and visited the park, which was empty!

Last night it took EV a little while to settle down to sleep. She wanted a "farmers hat" in bed? I saw her sun hat next to the bed so I gave it to her in the hope that she would be happy to go to sleep holding the hat. When I went to check on her this is what I found.... 

There's a book about the Farmyard under Bagpuss... that might explain the farmers hat.